Andrew Fyfe art prints and posters

Andrew is a landscape photographer who fulfils his enjoyment of the outdoors by capturing scenes and moments that are both fleeting and elusive.

He likes to capture scenes at the extremes of the day where the results are most dramatic and variable, and the light is at its most beautiful. Andrew is particularly drawn to water scenes and is fascinated by the everchanging skies.

Andrew finds landscape photography a great activity, giving him a wider experience of the natural world around him. He is attracted to the art of landscape photography like a moth to a light, and looks forward to those magical moments when a beautiful scene unfolds in front of him.

His photography is documentary and representational in nature in that he presents a scene as it appears in reality, as viewed by Andrew through the lens.

Andrews work has been referred to as reserved and serene in style and is known for its natural yet vibrant colours.

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