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Amedeo Modigliani art prints and posters

Feminist icon, alcoholic and compulsive streaker, Amedeo Modigliani, was born in the Italian town of Livorno, or Leghorn as it's known to the British (though he probably preferred to think of it as Legover). His mum was an alternative type who ran an experimental school and encouraged kids to question the status quo, which is probably why big brother ended up in clink for anarchy while Amedeo sprinted off to Florence to join the Free School of the Nude (tut tut, other people's children).

In 1906 Amedeo hit Montmartre to further his creative career but spent so much time off his face on drink and drugs and spontaneously becoming starkers that he had to stagger back to Livorno to recuperate. When he returned to Paris he took up sculpture using stone he swiped from building sites. He later began a loving relationship with writer Beatrice Hastings, pausing only to demonstrate the depth of his feelings by throwing her out of a window (perfectly acceptable, he was an artist).

Having given up sculpture due to a shortage of swipeable stone and personal clout, Amedeo expended his remaining energies on knocking the daylights out of his new live-in other, Jean Hebuterne, whilst enthusiastically painting her between the boxing and bonking bouts. They had a child but her dad got so pickled on his way to register her that he was never officially recognised as such. When his stupendous paintings finally began fetching decent dosh, Modigliani celebrated by 'O.D'ing on booze and sardines. Two days later, with the dipso' defenestrater no longer around to assist, Jean obligingly threw herself out of a window (it's what he would have wanted ). Yes, just a typical week's plot-line from Brookside.

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Gives the frame its character and provides the perfect setting for an artwork to be fully enjoyed.

Perspex or glass

Protects the artwork from dust and wilting so that it can be admired for many years.


Adds depth to an image and works with the moulding to enhance and protect the artwork.

Backing board

Bonds to the artwork ensuring it is perfectly smooth and holds the whole frame together.

More about framing

framing info

In the Design Studio

We partner with the world's top museums and galleries to bring you exclusive prints of the highest quality. Our teams of designers ensure the colours are accurate, papers are well suited and the best frames are suggested.

Colour Perfecting in the Print Room

In the printing room, artworks are printed on state-of-the-art machines with a team of technicians checking colour and quality every step of the way.

Measuring Up

After being cut down to size, our team carefully finish any stray edges, check measurements and prepare the prints for mounting and framing.

Assembling Frames in the Framing Workshop

We have a team of master framers who work with high-quality, responsibly-sourced wood to create our vast range of framing combinations - each frame is bespoke and made to order for every print.

Hand-finishing in the Framing Workshop

Our selection of hand-finished frames are painted or stained by hand in a variety of colours, and finished with a layer of wax - the end result is a uniquely crafted, beautiful frame that is made to last.

The Last Stop

In this workshop everything comes together - the print, the frame and the glass - in a seamless and stream-lined process.

Mounting the Prints

The artwork is carefully mounted in preparation for framing.

Laying the Glass

Once mounted, the print is ready to be covered by glass or perspex - a delicate procedure but expertly done with not a fingerprint in sight.

The Final Product

After a final, thorough check, the framed print is ready to be carefully packaged up and shipped to the customer.

Transferring to Canvas

For those who order their art as canvas prints, the same amount of attention and care goes into the process. Here, the print is being transferred to a wooden frame.

Finishing the Canvas Edging

As with the framed prints, our canvases are all hand-finished in the workshop - a labour of love from start to finish.