Alison Griffin art prints and posters

Born in 1953 in the West Midlands, Alison Griffin studied art at Sutton Coldfield School of Art and went on from there to take a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design at Bath Academy.

She worked in graphic design for some years, with painting becoming an increasingly dominant hobby, until finally she took the decision to devote herself to her art full time. Her growing reputation as a fine and inspired painter has led to exhibitions at prestigious venues such as the Mall Galleries and with the Women's Society of Painters. Her work has found its way into many private collections and her talent for infusing colour and feeling into her scenes has meant that demand for her work is increasing all the time.

Alison Griffin loves the work of Norman Rockwell and also has a deep admiration for the Pre-Raphaelites and Victorian painters. Her other great passion is opera, and she frequently visits London to see her favourite operas.

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