Help with saved items

Adding an Image to Saved Items

Saved Items is the place for creating your own private collections of framed art, saving your favourite images for another day and sharing them with workmates, clients, family and friends.

Deleting Saved Items

When you click Delete Saved Items, you will be presented with a list of your Saved Items picture galleries which you have the option to delete.

Edit Saved Items

Here you can change the name and description of your Saved Items. You can also chose whether or not the print price is displayed. You can use this to send someone a choice of prints for a present. You can also use this to send someone a gift voucher.

Put your Saved Items images in order

Next to each picture in your Saved Items gallery is a green arrow. These green arrows help you to view your pictures in any order. By clicking on the arrows, you can move the current image to the right or left, up or down.

Move Saved Items to your Cart

Use this to move the entire contents of your chosen Saved Items gallery of images to your Art Cart for purchase. This is very helpful for those big re-decorating projects.

Emailing Saved Items

You may want to share your Saved Items picture gallery collections with friends or colleagues. Select your Saved Items gallery with the drop-down box. Then click on Email Saved Items. Enter the recipients email address, and they will receive a copy of your chosen Saved Items gallery!

Storing Your Saved Items

How do we remember what's in your your Saved Items?

Easyart uses the common method of browser cookies to save your Saved Items gallery information between visits. Cookies are small files stored on your computer which tell us for example that Saved Items gallery #ABC123 belongs to Joe Bloggs. However, if you delete the cookie file or try to access your gallery from a different computer, we cannot correctly match up your Saved Item galleries. (Please note: No personal information is stored in the cookies.)

So how do I retrieve my Saved Items galleries from any computer?

For example, if you created a Saved Items gallery at work (during lunchtime, of course) and would like to share it with someone at home you will need to register. Then login under the my account section, and your Saved Items galleries will magically appear!