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Mould Styles & Material

Mouldings give the frame a face and provide a setting for an artwork so it's important to carefully select the material and its size. Our experienced design team have sourced a variety of frame mouldings and mould materials in either wood or metal, to suit all possible art styles.

Easyart custom wood frames are available in a selection of mould styles and finishes. We are proud to say that the wood we use is sourced from a recognised local wood mill and is FSC certified, which stands for the Forest Stewards Council and ensures that the wood is reliably sourced and grown sustainably.

An example of our mouldings

Picture Mounts

A picture mount adds depth to your image whilst protecting it and will work with the frame to help enrich your art print. Unlike mounts used by cheaper framers (which are often treated with acidic paints), the material we use for our mounts are acid free, which means that it will not cause damage to your art print over time.

Glass or Perspex

The glazing shields your print from scratches, dirt and dust and prevents discolouration from UV rays as well as wilting, which is caused by heat. When customising your frame, you can choose between traditional picture glass or Perspex. There are a few things to consider when deciding which option to go for. Glass is the cheaper option of the two, but compared to Perspex, it is slightly heavier, and can easily be broken. As a shatter-resistant alternative, Perspex is the right option if you’re concerned about safety. By default, standard glass is selected on our small to mid-sized frames and Perspex is selected as standard on all of our larger, heavier frames. Non-reflective options are also available if you intend to hang your print in rooms that receive a lot of light. Although this is a great feature, this option does slightly reduce the quality of the image itself.

Backing Board

To help ensure your print looks great over time, it is bonded to a backing board. The backing board protects and holds the print and mount together, keeping everything sealed from dust and dirt.

An example of our fixings

Easyart Quality Production

The quality of a custom made frame is always clear to see and this is where our customers really appreciate the difference. Our frames are carefully cut, cornered and skilfully joined to fit the image perfectly, producing a bespoke finish. The whole process is overseen, signed and approved by the framer himself and our quality controller. Hanging fixtures & fittings including suitable picture hooks are supplied with every frame to finish off a well-crafted, ready to hang product.

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